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About QFD-ID

The QFD Institut Deutschland (QFD-ID) is an association of QFD users and people interested in the QFD methodology. QFD-ID headquarters is in Cologne, Germany.

Goal of this independent and non profit organization is the distribution of a basic understanding of the quality engineering tool QFD as well as the improvement of knowledge and experience related to QFD in Germany and neighbouring countries, especially in all parts of industry and academia.

Therefore QFD-ID

  • supports general understanding and improvement of the QFD methodology by publishing reports and reviews and also by arranging symposia and meetings,
  • supports local teams for highly specific and efficient exchange of information,
  • cooperates with European and overseas QFD-dedicated organizations.

QFD-ID releases a journal free of charge to members. This is the official QFD-ID-forum. In addition to the QFD-ID journal there is also an Internet homepage set up, which contains up-to-date informations for seminars, a QFD bibliography, a QFD-ID registration form and much more.

QFD-ID organizes once a year a QFD symposium, where QFD novices, researchers and hands-on-experts meet, talk and exchange knowledge.

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