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Review of the ISQFD'2011

Opening In September, the 17th International Symposium on QFD was hosted by QFD-Institut Deutschland e.V. in collaboration with the International Council for Quality Function Deployment (ICQFD), the Universität Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Automation, IPA, in Stuttgart,  Germany.
We want to give a short review of a interesting, knowledge enlarging and wonderful event. In addition to the great papers and presentations we want to highlight as well the international and interhuman communication in the field of QFD and the connections far beyond.


The Keynote Speeches were presented by
Engelbert Westkämper: "New paradigms of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering",
Glenn Mazur: "Sustaining the QFD Effort: What are the minimum requirements for successful QFD?" and
Yoji Akao: "Historical Development and the Basis of QFD".
The Concluding Speech was held by
Georg Herzwurm and Wolfram Pietsch: "QFD - Where are we and where do we go from here?"
In conjunction with ISQFD'11 the QFD-ID Innovation price 2011 will be awarded. The QFD-ID Innovation price honors scientific works for their outstanding contribution to the development of QFD. The first place went to Andreas Helferich for his master thesis: „Software Mass Customization: Übertragung des Konzepts der individualisierten Massenfertigung auf Softwareprodukte“.

The Best Papers were awarded in three different categories:
1) "Acknowledgement of achievements regarding the application of Quality Function Deployment": 
The development of compostable plastics as a sustainable strategy for protecting against world change by unsing ECO-QFD
Ketthip Anuwareephong, Pichet Rojanapitayakorn,  
Kritaya Suparnpongs,  Paweena Lertchanyakul.
2) "Acknowledgement of achievements regarding QFD Methodology": 
Why we need matrices in QFD
Monika Thiess, Walter Jahn, Gerd Streckfuss.
3) "Acknowledgement regarding theoretical achievements related to QFD": 
Evaluating AHP Questionnaire Feedback with Statistical Methods
Stefan Schurr.

The Akao Prize dinner took place in the ambience of the New Castle. The program started with the handover of the Akao Prize® that was awarded to Jutta Saatweber by Yoji Akao and Glenn Mazur. The event was surrounded by classical music, which threw the participants in a sophisticated sentiment. The keynote was given by Mr. Frederick Cord Stähler (Siemens AG Healthcare Sector). The evening was rounded by a typical Swabian buffet in the wonderful atmosphere of the New Castle.


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