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17. International QFD Symposium ISQFD'11:
Achieving Sustainability with QFD

September, 21st - 23rd 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany

Fraunhofer IPA

Fraunhofer IPA

QFD has proven to foster customer-oriented design of products and services in almost any industry and country. QFD is integral part of any Six Sigma initiative, of Agile Software Development methods, of product and service improvements. However it is not only the design itself that makes the success of QFD. It is the process and the underlying paradigm. QFD-based designs go far beyond short-term facelifts. Long-term value and sound product development processes are the keys for sustainable success. The 17th International QFD conference will highlight, explain and develop sustainable development of products and services with QFD.

In conjunction with ISQFD'11 the QFD-ID Innovation price 2011 has been awarded. The QFD-ID Innovation price honors scientific works for their outstanding contribution to the development  of QFD. Now the winners have been announced:

- 1st place: Dr. Andreas Helferich Dissertation:  „Software Mass Customization: Übertragung des Konzepts der individualisierten Massenfertigung auf Softwareprodukte“
- 2nd place: Dr. Bettina Schleidt Dissertation: „Kompetenzen für Ingenieure in der unternehmensübergreifenden virtuellen Produktentwicklung“
- 3rd place: Daniela Maria Götz Diplomarbeit:  „Relevanz von Quality Function Deployment für Serviceinnovationen“

The 17th international Symposium on QFD, September, 21st - 23rd 2011, took place in Stuttgart, Europe's leading high-tech region and Germany's strongest commercial metropolitan area. The Symposium is arranged by QFD-Institut Deutschland e.V. in collaboration with the International Council for Quality Function Deployment (ICQFD), the Universität Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Automation, IPA. It represents the most important academic event in the matter of QFD by far and occurs yearly. Especially it offers the rare opportunity to get in contact with Yoji Akao, the co-founder of QFD, and Glenn Mazur, the worldwide “voice of QFD”. The key note speech will be held by Engelbert Westkämper, Head of Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Automation, IPA. The Akao prize dinner will be held in the new castle which is depicted below..

New Castle

Night view of the new Castle in Stuttgart – location of the Akao Prize Ceremony 2011 (Foto: HD Pano)

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