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What are the Best Practices of QFD?
Georg Herzwurm und Sixten Schockert für den Arbeitskreis QFD Best Practice

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What are the Best Practices of QFD?


What are the Best Practices of QFD? This was the driving question approx. a dozen experienced users of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) wanted to answer during various two-day workshops. The QFD Institute Germany e.V. (QFD-ID) had invited to come up for discussion on the Best Practices of QFD. The QFD-ID exists for almost 10 years now, but the origins of QFD and its successful application worldwide are already more than 30 years old. The time was ripe to carry together and present the approved QFD Practices in Germany as Best Practices. This paper presents the results of the workshops.

Artikel und Vortrag vom 12. Internationalen Symposium on QFD in Tokio, Japan, 2006.

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