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Employing QFD in Supplier Selection: IT -Project ASP-Software ‘Chefplan Online’
Heiner Merz, Andreas Helferich, Georg Herzwurm, Wolfram Pietsch, Peter Brandenburg

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Employing QFD in Supplier Selection: IT -Project ASP-Software ‘Chefplan Online’


This paper describes the successful appliance of QFD methods to select and manage external IT Service Providers / IT Suppliers within an IT project. On one hand, realization concepts or technical ideas of the various potential external IT partners were analyzed, compared and weighted with also QFD-engineered requirements; on the other hand, QFD methods were also used to measure, to compare and to weight the IT Service providing companies themselves – in terms of company reputation, ways of working, QA, test methods, financial solidity, given warranties, securities offered and so on. The selection of the most suitable IT Supplier was based on a traceable, verified and most objective decision: QFD.

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