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Effective Management of Interrelated IT Projects
Wolfram Pietsch

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Effective Management of Interrelated IT Projects 
Employing Policy Deployment for IT Governance


QFD has been employed for the design of products, services, and also for the alignment of product development to strategy which is called Policy Deployment. Information Systems are crucial for business operations. They do open up strategic options, but are usually not treated as products. They are commonly carried out within projects, and its focus lies on technical aspects in most cases. Its link to business strategy is more indirect than for a product that appears on a market, there is often no direct link to business strategy at all. Hence, many companies are working towards effective IT Governance and are searching for adequate methodologies. Portfolio Management is the most popular technique for Strategic Business Planning. It may be adapted for the Strategic Planning of IT Projects techniques, but there is no proper methodology for the assessments of projects within the portfolio comparable to Strategic Business Planning. A methodology is presented that fills this gap by integrating QFD into Project Portfolio Management (PPM). In order to assess the value of a project for a company, the objectives must be identified and prioritised and correlated with the proposed and ongoing projects. A modified Voice of the Customer Analysis (VoC) is proposed with an augmented set of questions leading to a deconstruction of projects to a set of ideas or solution proposals. These proposals must be structured according to common QFD-methodology into a hierarchy of IT-related goals and objectives that are independent of specific solutions. Then, objectives may be correlated with the solution proposals in order to calculate its strategic importance in terms of contribution to the fulfilment of Objectives. A case study is presented for a large German telecommunication services provider. Already the first step, the analysis and structuring of projects lead to a de-selection of several ideas and did strengthen the Project Portfolio focus. Furthermore, the correlation of ideas against goals did show inconsistencies of objectives and the need to improve consensus in management: ‘policy deployment’ has to deal with ‘project politics’. 


Prof. Dr. Wolfram Pietsch, FH Aachen

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