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Welcome to the German QFD Institute (QFD Institut Deutschland e. V., QFD-ID)!

QFD-ID is an association of QFD users and people interested in the QFD methodology. Goal of this independent and non profit organization is the distribution of a basic understanding of the quality engineering technique QFD as well as the improvement of knowledge and experience related to QFD in Germany and neighbouring countries, especially in all parts of industry and academia. Therefore the QFD-ID

  • supports general understanding and improvement of the QFD methodology by publishing reports and reviews (e. g. in the online journal QFD-Forum) and also by arranging national symposia and best practice workshops (see events),
  • supports local teams for highly specific and efficient exchange of information (see e. g. the working groups),
  • cooperates with European and overseas QFD-dedicated organizations like the International Council of QFD.

Please note: as an institute for german speaking people the memberhip information and most of the web site content is only available in german.  


17. International QFD Symposium ISQFD'11: Achieving Sustainability with QFD

The 17th international Symposium on QFD will take place in Stuttgart from September 21th to 23rd 2011. Stuttgart is capital city of the german federal state Baden-Württemberg, represents Germany's strongest commercial metropolitan area and one of Europe's leading high-tech regions. The Symposium is arranged by QFD-Institut Deutschland e.V. in collaboration with the International Council for Quality Function Deployment (ICQFD), the Universität Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Automation, IPA

ISQFD'11 represents the most important academic event in the matter of QFD in 2011 and is located in Germany for the first time since 2002. Especially it offers the rare opportunity to get in contact with Yoji Akao, the co-founder of QFD, and Glenn Mazur, the worldwide “voice of QFD”. The key note speech will be held by Engelbert Westkämper, Head of Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Automation, IPA. 

For further information on the venue, program and call for papers please take a closer look at the conference homepage. 

Feature article

Winner of the Best Paper Award at the ISQFD 2009 in Monterrey, Mexico:
Cultural influences on globalized QFD projects

The dissemination and embodiment of QFD has been globally diverse since the innovation of QFD. National as well as international approaches to QFD have been developed differently and are various. The authors (Georg Herzwurm, Benedikt Krams and Sixten Schockert) argue that culture is one reason for the existing approaches. Hofstede’s Five Dimensions get cited to derive a cultural QFD-project management framework with the aim of optimizing the efficiency of QFD usage. Validated upon two examples of QFD-projects and a comparative analysis of further QFD-projects from industrial practice, the authors position success and failure factors for QFD-projects in an international environment. » more (This link leads to the pages of the online journal QFD-Forum in German)


Customer Oriented Evaluation of QFD-Tools

For many enterprises QFD is a helpful tool for developing new products or services. The complexities of the method are the reason, that merely the House of Quality is made, the application of secondary tables, matrices or tools is neglected. One possibility for improvement is the use of a software tool that simplifies, accelerates and that makes - by a combination of different quality techniques - the work with QFD even more efficient. » more

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