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The Proceedings of the ISQFD'02 is now available. The price is 100,- EUR plus 5,- EUR forwarding expenses. For detailed information and purchase send an email to info@qfd-id.de.

Detailed Table of Contents

1. Keynote Speeches1
1.1 QFD and Knowledge Management on Health Care Service
Yoji Akao
1.2 Efficiency and Effectiveness of Working Methods
Udo Lindemann
1.3 QFD and Design for Six Sigma: A Quality Product Development System
Glenn H.Mazur
2 QFD and Strategy 33
2.1 Strategic QFD: Where to now?
Robert A. Hunt, Fernando B. Xavier
2.2 Innovation Journey
Ralf Rummelsberger
2.3 Design for Six Sigma: Using Comprehensive QFD Including Function, Reliability and Cost as the Backbone for a Design for Six Sigma Strategy
Stefan Schurr, Craig Smith
3. QFD and Customer Orientation71
3.1 Customer oriented product development of Medical Tomography Equipment
Robert Krieg
3.2 Weighted Average Score of Customer Needs as Critical Input for QFD
Javier Santa Cruz-Ruiz, Francisco Tamayo-Enríquez, Verónica González-Bosch
3.3 Application of QFD for improvement of product and process in Pakistani organisations
Tariq Ahmed Khan, Irfan Aziz Qureshi
3.4 The relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyality using House of Quality and Logistic Regression
Youngjoon Park, Chan-Gyu Kim, Hyoun-Jong Kim, Taeho Kim
3.5 QFD-Method Integration in tensor concept of collective intellect support system for compact product organisation
Dmitry Svirsky
4. QFD in Product Development147
4.1 How to balance QFD and the efficiendy of the New World Development process: experiences and practices from the field
Enzo Baglieri, Giuseppe Stabilini, Silvia Zamboni
4.2 Target setting for complex products in the early development stages: case study BMW
Steffen Köberlein, Alexander Mayer, Stefan Danner
4.3 An Application of QFD Method to Strengthen Product Development System of a Small Initiating Firm in Internet Mobile Technology
Lin Chih Cheng, Bruno Augusto Pfeilsticker, Flávio de Aguiar Araújo
5. QFD Methods207
5.1 Process QFD, a method for process control
Klaus Bischoff
5.2 Effect of using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers for Weighting Scale in QFD
Seyed Hossein Iranmanesh, Mohammad Hossein Salimi
6. QFD Approach223
6.1 The Role of QFD in the "DFACE" Process
Kunio Noguchi, Takashi Nakano, Yuji Kyoya
6.2 Development of a Quality Management System by integrating ISO 9001 and QFD: a proposed Model
Jose Celso Sobreiro Dias, Paulo Augusto Cauchick Miguel
7 QFD and other Methods245
7.1 Small QFD / FMEA Approach - Using QFD technologies to link customer complaints to failures out of FMEA
Kerstin Kosche
7.2 Application of Quality Tables in the quality planning process - A pragmatic approach to introduce QFD into a company
Dietmar Zander
8 QFD Case Studies273
8.1 QFD for service industries: Machinery Maintenance
Mansour Ahmadi
8.2 QFD and reengineering of New Product Development process: the Tetra Pak experience
Chiara Pergola, Simona Borsari, Giuseppe Stabilini
8.3 Application of QFD to the design and production of Persion hand-made carpets
Ali Ahmadi, Seyed Hesameddin Zegordi
8.4 The Concept composition to the new store plan of the retail trade industry
Yoji Akao, Takeshi Tsuji, Kou Teranishi, Tomohiko Satou
8.5 Quality Function Deployment: An Application on Textile Knitting Industry
Nilgün Özdil, Serap Dönmez
8.6 A Study on the Operational Quality of the Hospital Cleaning
Noriharu Kaneko, Kei Inayoshi
9 QFD and IT369
9.1 Development of a Web-based QFD Tool
Yunarso Anang, Akio Shimizu, Akio Shimizu, Akihide Kitamura, Daisuke Ozawa, Masanobu Yoshikawa, Yoshimichi Watanabe, Shigeru Yamashita, Hisakazu Shindo
9.2 Combinatory Metrics for Software Development
Thomas Fehlmann
9.3 Measuring e-strategy alignment and e-risk using QFD
Declan Wainwright, David Herbert
9.4 Using QFD for IT Project Controlling
Peter Brandenburg
9.5 An e-Learning System for QFD and its Software Tool
Masanobu Yoshikawa, Naofumi Takayama, Masao Takeshita, Masahiro Hiramatsu, Yosuke Yamashita, Yoshimichi Watanabe, Hisakazu Shindo
9.6 Using Quality Function Deployment To Improve The Quality Of Data Models and Database Designs
Daniel L. Moody
10 QFD in Special Applications447
10.1 Using QFD to support FDA Requirements throughout the development process of medical equipment
Eberhard Mayer
10.2 A Analysis of Patient´s Questionnaires of Hospital by QFD and Policy Deployment
Daisuke Sakai, Akira Nagata, Kozo Koura, Junichi Okuda, Kazuo Asano
10.3 Logistic Operators in Brazil: Deploying the Quality Function
Maximiliano Kling, Maria Cleci Martins
Appendix: ISQFD 2002 Programme499

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