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How can TRIZ introduce structure into customer requirements? This paper relates TRIZ concepts to the Kano model: how to identify Kano's qualities from TRIZ analysis of the customer's situation? » more

Sucess factors of QFD projects

Not every project based on QFD leads to the desired success. This paper describes the results of a multi-firm benchmarking study. Comparing 16 successful and unsuccessful projects, conclusions can be drawn about the relevant success factors of QFD projects. » more

Customer Oriented Evaluation of QFD-Tools

For many enterprises QFD is a helpful tool for developing new products or services. The complexities of the method are the reason, that merely the House of Quality is made, the application of secondary tables, matrices or tools is neglected. One possibility for improvement is the use of a software tool that simplifies, accelerates and that makes - by a combination of different quality techniques - the work with QFD even more efficient. » more

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