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Robert Krieg

Customer oriented product development of Medical Tomography Equipment

Track: B1

Customer oriented product development plays an important role in the development of diagnostic imaging equipment. We briefly introduce the medical equipment market, its mechanisms and special features in a case study of magnetic resonance imaging equipment done at SIEMENS Medical Solutions.
The decision making or purchasing process in this market is very complex and influenced even by social security and health organisations. Therefore dedicated market research approaches are needed and a variety of different methods in terms of focus groups, conjoint analysis and broadband surveys as well as face to face interviews are applied.

In addition a clever segmentation of the individual groups that influence a purchasing decision has to be made. In this market it is not the radiologist alone who governs the decision, but also the administrator, buying groups, technologists and even the patient in some countries.
From all these market research activities a company normally ends up with an intense amount of contradicting requirements. We show how these requirements were converted into a clear system specification and new technological solutions.
To solve contradictions and assess the ranking of the different customer requirements methods like QFD, TRIZ were used.

Dr. Robert Krieg

1983 - 1988 Study of theoretical physics in Erlangen, Germany
1988 - 1991 PHD Thesis in the area of nuclear many body systems
1.10.1991 Join of SIEMENS Medical Solutions AG.
1991 - 1992 Application development for Ultrasound systems.
1992 - 1996 Basic Research Development on:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
X-Ray Tomography
Image Processing and Algorithm
1996 - 1999 Strategic Planning and Marketing in the Magnetic Resoncance
Since Jan. 2000 Project Manager Development of MRI Platform

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