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Mansour Ahmadi

QFD for service industries Machinery Maintenance

Track: I1

What can QFD do that is not already being done by traditional quality system?

In my opinion for understanding QFD it is helpful to understand the differences between modern today industries managing method and traditional quality systems. People, which involved with QFD, believed that QFD is a home for quality; a matrix for customer needs (person who needs your services) under engineering drawings.

The available quality of rotary equipments and because of continuous work of these machines put us on the way to think to find away to solve the problem. According to rotary equipments documents design for pumps API 610 providing one MTBF For each rotary. According to every overhaul of operational unit there are check out of all rotary equipment and pipes-vessels-valves- fin fan-exchanger and towers. Therefore sending all rotary equipment to work shop for service or replacing before overhaul which been in service all the time or periodically would be irrepressible.

Sending equipments to service shops due to overhaul takes plenty of time and manpower. It is unbelievable to not cost any expenses for company during MTBF not having rotary accident.

Where are the Hidden cost?

Expenses which seems to be and always natural and not under control with new methods, Our aim is not only cost saving but also keep in quality and improvement.

Establishing a group

With this kind of thinking a small group selected between 100 of smart personals been selected to establish system to control and stop expenses.
  • The group includes three person for investigation and getting info.
  • One person as coordinator
  • One person as analyst and programmer

Which this group starts their work with a systematic Modern program as listed below in aim to reach enough information in order to analysis the way rotary equipments function.

FAST diagram for preventive maintenance
  • Define our goal and negotiation
  • At the beginning we provided information and agreement formats about equipments, which would control by groups.
  • These formats included important subjects from Maker Company and condition which one equipment installation must work.
  • In continuing because of need for information offline forms been made to extract enough information from one rotary equipment while it is giving service by using hardware (data collector) and at the third stage become analysis.
  • By using result before doing anything all observation from function and faults will be discuses and team ideas try to solve the problem in the best way and lowest expenses.
  • Keep in mind if everything is not bad it is not equal to good and satisfaction in other word


At the final with establishing a compare method for rotary system and parts in the past present and future we be able to develop and draw aim.

NAME: Mansour
EDUCATION BS. Science - Branch - Tehran Science university
SPECIALTY Mechanical Eng. Rotating Machine System Analyst

WORK HISTORY : (Experiences)

Programmer and manager of PM department . Engaged in supervision of machinery maintenance team work order & control quality function system

National Iranian Oil Company - Esfahan Refinery (Jun. 1998 to 2002) NIOC - ER.

System analyst and mechanical rotating equipment supervisor engaged in supervision of construction installation, inspection, commissioning and test run of rotating equipment. such as : Dresser Rand & BW pump , Steam turbine , blower, Gas & Air compressor for oil and gas refinery plant project in middle east .

National Iranian Oil Company - Bandar Abbas Refinery (May 1997 to Feb. 1998) NIOC - BR.

Programmer and vibration analyst and Member of planning department responsible for preventive maintenance on rotating machine. Such as; Westinghouse, Dresser, Ingressor, Gas & Air compressor (driver and driven).

National Iranian Oil Company - Esfahan Refinery (Feb. 1990 to May 1997) NIOC - ER.

WINDOWS NT&2k Administrator
Pumps hydraulic design training by ENSPM co.
WEB Designer
Post diploma in Electronic and Electrical branch of azad university
Pumps Design software in Enviro.Tech co.

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