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Takeshi Tsuji, Yoji Akao

The Concept composition to the new store plan of the retail trade industry

Track: I4

This paper applies QFD to the convenience store and shows the concrete concept composition process in the case of the new shop opening. At first a demanded quality deployment table was created and the degree of importance and the degree of the satisfaction was extracted by a customer survey. The SD method was enforced to the obtained data and, the customer layer image has been held. This result and the principal components analysis was considered, to draw up various concepts. To evaluate by viewpoint of the customer, a matrix of demanded quality and concept was made and the concepts were considered for each request quality to set planed quality. Specifically, the company actual situation extracted by customer survey, was set as a standard and it was subtracted from the planned quality value. The result was divided into + and - item, summed up, and the superiority or inferiority of each concept were clarified. Furthermore, a concept proposal was synthetically evaluated by considering weighted average as general quality value, that is, the sum of products planed quality value and demanded quality weight .The best concept is chosen by the steps mentioned above.

Takeshi Tsuji
1997-2001 studied at Asahi University(Business Administration)
Since 2000 Taking Master Course(Quality Control) under professor Yoji Akao supervision.
Research subject
It released the following on JSQC in May ,2001.
Takeshi Tsuji(Asahi univ),Tatsuaki Sato(Asahi univ),Yoji Akao(Director pref),Yasuhiro Toyohara(WAVE)
The technology spread for the wet suit concept and the it embodiment.

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