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Noriharu Kaneko, Yoji Akao, Kei Inayoshi

A Study on the Operational Quality of the Hospital Cleaning

Track: I6

In service industries, although the quality of both output as intangible offerings and above procedures it is subject to customers' evaluation, the definition is unclear. Although, for "measuring quality evaluation," quality characteristics are generally applied, they cannot correspond to every customer requirement. In QFD, "quality elements" are defined as "possible measurements of quality evaluation" including customer requirements. In this study, by assuming the adequacy of procedures to service purposes decides, "procedural quality elements" are redefined as "possible elements of procedural evaluation measurement" to specify the quality of procedures. This is not based on a mere comparison between product quality and procedural quality but on the basic QFD concept composed of quality deployment and a narrow sense QFD, the former corresponding to the product quality network and the latter to the procedural network. In this paper verifies "the general model of the service quality" that was made by the application of QFD in library service. It applies examination by the duality table of the quality element and the business quality element to the building cleaning industry like the library and it generalizes and the natures of the procedures quality in the service are shown.

Prof. Dr.: Yoji Akao
Dr.Yoji Akao is Professor, Asahi University, School of Business Administration.
(1991-1994;Dean,Tamagawa University, Faculty of Engineering).
He graduated Tokyo Institute of Technology,1948 and received his Ph.D.,1964.
His membership include Member of Deming Prize Committee,1964-,Member of International Academy for Quality,1989-, President of Japanese Society for Quality Control,1990-1991, Chairman of Committee for Quality Month in Japan,1995-1998 and Chairman of International Council for QFD,1997-.
He received Quality Control Literature Prize in 1960 and 1978, Deming Prize in 1978, ASQ' Distinguished Service Medal from ASQ in 2001 and Distinguished Service Medal from Dept.of Design Engineering/System of JS of Mechanical Engineers in 2001.

Kei Inayoshi
1974 Born in Toyohashi, Japan.
1993-1997 studied at Asahi University (Business Administration)
1997-1999 Took Master (Quality Control) under Dr. Yoji Akao supervision.
From 1999 to present, Taking Doctor Course (major is Quality Control) under Dr. Yoji Akao supervision.
Research subject:
It released the following on JSQC
Kei Inayoshi (1999):"A Study of Service and Operational Quality-An Application of QFD in Library Service-" Master thesis
Yoji Akao, Kei Inayoshi (1999):" A Study of Service and Operational Quality-An Application of QFD in Library Service-",5th ISQFD prceeding, pp200-211
Kei Inayoshi, Yoji Akao(2000):"Concept Construction in the Development Stage-An Application of QFD in the New Library Plan-" Bulletin of Graduate School of Business Administration, Asahi University
Yoji Akao, Yusuke Ito, Hiromi Tanabe, Kei Inayoshi(2001):"The Quality and Technology Deployment of an Advanced Reactor Cooling System", 7th ISQFD proceeding, pp77-82.
Hideaki Fujie, Yoji Akao, Kei Inayoshi, Masato Nomura(1999):"A Study of the Use Prediction on Material" 7th ISQFD, pp83-88.

Noriharu Kaneko

  1. Current Position: Executive Director of Service Quality Management Co.
    1-9-20 Nishi-Asada, Hamamatsu City, Japan 432-8045

  3. - Nippon Carbon Co., Ltd.
    Tokyo Sales Office (April 1970 - March 1971)
    Head, Nagoya Sales Office (March 1971 - March 1975)
    - Takasago Kanko Co., Ltd. (Hotel, Restaurant and Retail Businesses)
    Sales Manager of Kanzanji-Royal Hotel (March 1975 - May 1980)
    Director of Sales Department (May 1980 - May 1982)
    TQC promotion Officer (May 1981) Managing Director (May 1982 - April 1989)
    Senior Managing Director (May 1987 - April 1989)
    - CBM Co., Ltd. (Building Maintenance Service Business)
    Senior Managing Director (May 2001 - Now)
    - Service Quality Management Co. (Quality Consultancy Business)
    Executive Director (June 1989 - Now)
    - Asia University, Tokyo Lecturer, Department of Business Administration (April 1992 - Now)

  5. Keio University, Tokyo, Bachelor of Law Degree (March 1970)

  6. BOOKS

  7. "Work Standardization" in 1982, Japanese, Co-author, published by JSA*
    "Hand Book of Standardization" in 1985, Japanese, Co-author, published by JSA*
    "How to Operate the QC Circle Mutual Visit" in 1988, Japanese, Co-author, by JUSE*
    "Educational Training Games for QC Circles" in 1993, Japanese, Co-author, by JUSE*
    "ISO 9000s Case Study in Building Service Contractors" in 1996, Japanese, by Scientific Clean System Inc.
    "Advanced QFD Technology for Value Creation" in 1998, Japanese, Co-author, by JUSE*
    "Easy & Practical Way to Implement QFD" in 1998, Japanese, Co-author, by Quality Month Committee
    "How to Improve the Company Culture in SME" in 2000, Japanese, Co-author, published by JSA*
    "Practices of Quality Management in Service Industries" in 2000, published by Quality Month Committee
    "Design Approach for Problem Solving" in 2001, Japanese, Co-author, by JUSE*
    And others

    (JSA*; Japanese Standards Association and JUSE*; Union of Japanese Scientists & Engineers)


  9. ORDRE DU MERITE for supporting QC Activities decorated by Burkina Faso Government in July 1999
    AKAO PRIZE in Oct. 2001


  11. - Member of the Editorial Committee of QC Circle Magazine of JUSE (Feb. 1985 - Jan 1997)
    - Advisor for QC Circle Headquarters in JUSE (Feb. 1985 - Jan 1997)
    - Member of the Committee of Quality Function Deployment in JUSE (April 1988 - Now)
    - Member of the American Society for Quality (June 1982 - Now)
    - Member of the Japanese Society for Quality Control (April 1987 - Now)
    - Member of the Research Institute of Environmental Management, Administration and Maintenance of Japan, (March 1990 - Now)
    - Member of the Japanese Society of Environmental Infections (Nov. 1993 - Now)


  13. - QC Circle Activities
    - Quality Management in the Service Industries
    - Quality Management in the Small and Medium Enterprise
    - Implemented various QC programs modified from those applied in manufacturing industries to suit the Hotel, Restaurant, Retail, Hospital and Maintenance Businesses
    - Based on surveys conducted to determine the Quality Requirements for Customer Service, provided counseling services to support clients in the renovation of Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Shops.
    - Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Implementation Support Services for Various Industries


  15. - Lecturer at the QC Circle Cruising Seminar organized by JUSE (Oct 1985, July 1989, Jun. 1994)
    - Short-term Expert of National Productivity Board, Singapore (Dec.1987, Feb.1989, Aug.1989 by JICA)
    - Lecture for QC in non-manufacturing sectors (Nov.1989, Jun.1990 by Government of Taiwan R.O.C.)
    - Lecture on the seminars of QFD organized by JUSE, Japan, (Jun.1989 - Now)
    - Seminar on Quality Management in Service Industry, AOTS (Sep.1989 -Now)
    - Counseling Services of QFD for YAZAKI Co.Ltd. Japan (June 1989 - Now)
    - QFD Seminar, KAIZEN Institute of America, Austin, Texas, USA, (Nov 1990)
    - Seminar on Quality Management in Service Industry, KSA, Korea (1991 -1993)
    - Counseling Services for QC Circle in INDECO Engineers Co. Ltd. Singapore (Aug.'90 - '91)
    - Counseling Services for QC Circle and TQC Introduction Project in Burkina Faso, West Africa, sponsored by World Bank, JUSE (March 1991- July 2000)
    - Lecture on service quality, Institut Renault de la Qualite, Paris, France (Nov 1992)
    - Counseling Services of QFD for ITESM, Monterrey, N.L. Mexico (Sept. 1994)
    - Lecture on Service Quality on 13th International Exposition of QC Circles, Singapore (Nov. 1996)
    - Counseling Services for ASEAN-Japan TQM project in Singapore, by JSA, MITI (Jan.'96 - '99)
    - Lecture on TQM in non-manufacturing sectors, STAMEQ, Vietnam, by JSA, MITI (Mar 1997)
    - Counseling Services on TQM in Service Industry, STAMEQ, Vietnam, by APO (Mar 1998)
    - Lecture on TQM in Service Industry, American Society for Quality, LA. USA (Oct. 1998)
    - Lecture on QFD in Hotel Services at 5th International Symposium on QFD, Brazil (Aug. 1999)
    - Counseling Services of QFD for NTT Data Co. Ltd, by JSA, (Sep 1998 - March 1999)
    - Lecture on Customer Satisfaction for Toyota Auto Body Co. Ltd. (Nov. 1999)
    - Seminars of TQM in Small & Medium Enterprise, JSA, (Feb 1999 - Now)
    - Seminar on QFD, Service Quality Management for Yokogawa Electric Co. Ltd. (Sep. 2000)
    - Seminar on QFD in various industries in India, National Productivity Council, by APO (Sep. 2000)
    - Counseling Services of QFD for The Siam Cement Public Company Ltd. Thai (Feb. - Dec. 2000)
    - Counseling Services of QFD for JICA Thammasat University Project, Thai (Jan. 2001 by JICA)
    - Seminar on QFD, Greater Mekong Sub-region Academic & Research Network by United Nations ESCAP (Mar. 2002)
    Many other countries and projects

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