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Yunarso Anang, Akio Shimizu, Akihide Kitamura, Masanobu Yoshikawa, Yoshimichi Watanabe, Shigeru Yamashita and Hisakazu Shindo

Development of a Web-based QFD Tool

Track: J1

Authors already reported a standalone system for QFD. Recently, considering that web technology is effectively applied to various systems, we have been developing a more practical system in applying QFD to product development based on the experience. A web-based QFD tool can be available by various persons if they are distributed in a wide area. This system enables one to use FMEA method. The development continues to be able to process multimedia data as well as character data.

Yunarso Anang
He was born in Indonesia. After graduated from Indonesian senior high school, he went to Japan to study computer science financially supported by the Indonesian Governmental Scholarship. He got his Bachelor of Engineering in 1995 from Yamanashi University. He was studying a method for structuralizing a software in the upper-stream software development lifecycle by analyzing the relationship between data and functions. In 1997, he entered the graduate school of Yamanashi University financially supported by the Rotary Club Scholarship, and received his Master of Engineering. He is now a doctoral candidate and he is also a leader of a software development project in a private firm. He teaches computer literacy to undergraduate students. He is interested in applying QFD to software and developing database and web applications.

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