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Maximiliano Kling, M.Sc. , Maria Cleci De Carvalho, Ph.D.

Logistic Operators in Brazil: Deploying the Quality Function

Track: K3

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a management technique to analize a product's quality without using sophisticated mathematical models. It emphasizes the use of the managers/engineers qualitative (and fuzzy) knowledge about the product/service produced by the company, given the demands of quality from the customer. Logistic Operators in Brazil evolved from transportation companies that were pressured by their customers to develop other functions than transport. They play an essential rule to improve competitiveness in the global market. This paper reports an exploratory use of QFD to help Logistic Operators to improve their logistic process. The main advantages and drawbacks of using the quality matrix in logistics are described.

Keywords: Quality Function Deployment, Logistics, Planning

Maximiliano Kling is Bachelor in Business Administration and has a master degree in Production Engineering by Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) - Brazil. He has already developed some QFD projects in Industry. Nowadays, he is developing lecturing activities at Lutheran University of Brazil (ULBRA), and integrates the ULBRA - Logistic Studies Group (GELOG). He has also worked in areas related to Human Resouces (trainning and development of Human Resources implementing multifunctionality), Production (focusing on improving processes, solving problems techniques), Finance (implementing basic management controls), Marketing/Selling.
His background includes applying QFD, ISO 9000/QS 9000, TQC - Total Quality Control, TPM- Total Productive Maintenance, TOYOTA SYSTEM and coordinating TQC PROGRAMMES. Further, Maximiliano Kling has been developing an online course on Quality Function Deployment.

Dr. Maria Cleci Martins is Research Fellow at Gloucestershire University-UK. She has extensive experience in Logistic and Transportation. Her interests are related to decision-making process models employing quantitative tools (Statistics, Applied Maths, Econometrics and Graph Theory). Lately she has been conducting research in Knowledge Modeling and webservices regarding semantic web applications. Web services are the main business contribution from the semantic web developments and they are likely to change drastically fields such as Logistic, E-commerce, and the way Customers can have their quality requirements satisfied.

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