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Prof. Dr. Yoji Akao

QFD and Knowledge Management on Health Care Service


QFD has been being utilized the world over as a concrete method for developing new products. On the other hand, Ikujiro NONAKA proposed "Knowledge Management", on the basis of a philosophical study he made on the mechanism of development in which Japan was successful. The present report compares Nonaka's SECI model and QFD with each other, to indicate effectiveness of the two methods. This comparison is made by putting conversion from tacit knowledge, as a process of "Socialization", in correspondence to extraction of required qualities by development of scenes from primitive data in the market, putting conversion from tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge, as a process of "Externalization", in correspondence to required quality development table and quality element development table by a method similar to KJ like method, and putting conversion from explicit knowledge to explicit knowledge, as a process of "Combination", in correspondence to quality table as conversion from the customers' world to the world of technology. Lastly, as a process of "Internalization", as conversion from explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge, we are presenting a process of formation of technology, through a review of ideas by means of Q&A using Reviewed Dendrogram. While a lot of technologies are internalized, we proposed an idea for enabling new creations by promoting re-utilization of such technologies by means of RD, an effectiveness of QFD and SECI model was shown to apply on health care services.

Keywords: QFD, Knowledge Management, Health Care

Dr.Yoji Akao is Professor, Asahi University, School of Business Administration. (1991-1994;Dean,Tamagawa University, Faculty of Engineering). He graduated Tokyo Institute of Technology,1948 and received his Ph.D.,1964. His membership include Member of Deming Prize Committee,1964-,Member of International Academy for Quality,1989-, President of Japanese Society for Quality Control,1990-1991, Chairman of Committee for Quality Month in Japan,1995-1998 and Chairman of International Council for QFD,1997-. He received Quality Control Literature Prize in 1960 and 1978, Deming Prize in 1978, ASQ' Distinguished Service Medal from ASQ in 2001 and Distinguished Service Medal from Dept.of Design Engineering/System of JS of Mechanical Engineers in 2001.

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