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Glenn H. Mazur

QFD and Design for Six Sigma: A Quality Product Development System


In today's fast-paced global economy, time to market constraints are demanding that companies produce their products more quickly and with higher quality. This has driven a shift from inspection based quality where defects are found and repaired, to design based quality where defects are prevented from ever occurring. Through QFD, design of ex-periments, detailed failure mode analyses, and other quality tools, zero defect or 3ppm defect levels are being achieved by design. This is called Design for Six Sigma (DFSS).

Even greater gains can be made from DFSS when it is combined with QFD to assure not just an absence of defects, but true value as defined by the customer. QFD helps the DFSS team find critical, unmet customer needs and assure they are designed into the product and supported throughout the manufacturing and assembly process. We could call this Customer Driven DFSS. This paper will show how the goals of DFSS can be achieved and surpassed through the complimentary usage of QFD.

Keywords: Six Sigma, DFSS, QFD, Robust Design, FMEA, House of Quality

Glenn Mazur, MBA. has been the voice of QFD as Drs. Akao, Mizuno, and Ohfuji's translator and interpreter since QFD's early inception into the United States in the mid-1980s. He is a adjunct faculty teaching TQM at the University of Michigan College of Engineering, Executive Director of the QFD Institute U.S.A. , Executive Director of the International Council for QFD, and president of Japan Business Consultants, Ltd. He is a senior member of the American Society for Quality, Japan Society for Quality Control, and a nominee to the International Academy for Quality. His awards include the 1998 Akao Prize for Excellence in QFD and Certificate of QFD Mastery (QFD Red Beltsm) by Akao in 2000. Among his books and publications are Comprehensive QFD for Products, Comprehensive QFD for Services, Comprehensive QFD for Food Products, QFD for Small Business, and Policy Management: Quality Approach to Strategic Planning. Mazur can be reached at glenn@mazur.net. For additional white papers on QFD, see www.mazur.net.

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